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I am interested in all sorts of habits, and these play out in my work. They show up as painted imagery. These images overlap and intertwine, in obvious and less obvious ways, utilizing the techniques of thick paint or thin paint. In my work I look to a variety of habits, routines and rituals as to inform the performance of painting. My painting reflects upon habits I have whether they be religious, athletic or edible. The habit becomes a singular thought to hold onto during the making of a painting. I use imagery to focus my attention on the act of painting as a method of daily reflection. The images used are ones I am very critical of. I reflect upon the implications the images suggest in the painting. I find myself critical of these images as I also find myself having a secret need of wanting these spoils. These images are rooted in advertisement and I mock and analyze these images as I paint. The paintings allow me to exert control over my thoughts and participation in these images in a reverent and irreverent way.